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Classic Pizzas $14.00
1. The God Father-Thin crust flour from Italy, organic, garlic spicy & sweet red sauce, finest meats from Italy, 100% mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, and ham
2. Carmalicious Veggie-Thin crust, fresh garlic, organic spicy & sweet red sauce with organic veggie’s, 100% mozzarella
3. Stoned & Boned-Thin crust, chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, fresh garlic, spices, 100% mozzarella
4. Awake & Bake-Thin crust red sauce, sweet & spicy pepperoni, sausage , mushrooms, chili, 100% mozzarella
5. Ranch Chicken Bacon-Ranch, garlic, chicken, bacon, mozzarella
Gourmet Pizzas $17.00
1. Caveman Combo-Thin crust, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, garlic, pomodoro sauce red & white, mozzarella, bell peppers
2. Magic Carmelicious Veggie sauce, red & white & pesto 5 veggie’s of your choice mozzarella
3. The Rebel-Thin crust four toppings of your choice, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella
4. Rock Star-Thin crust pomodoro sauce, chicken, organic mushrooms, olives & onions & mozzarella
5. Mystic Mushroom-Thin crust pomodoro sauce , mushroom’s, onion, olives pesto sauce, artichoke’s, bell peppers mozzarella
6. Munchie Madness-Thin crust white sauce, parmesan, romano, 5 topping’s of your choice
7. Aloha-Thin crust pomodoro sauce, red & white parmesan & romano, ham & pineapple mozzarella
8. Goddess Delight-Parmesan, romano, white sauce, chicken, sun dried tomatoes
9. Pomodoro Sauce & Pesto Heavenly-Chicken, artichokes, bell peppers
10. Mr. All Night-Red & white pesto, pepperoni sausage, salami, olives, mushrooms, bell peppers
Gluten Free=Corn based crust
Pastas $5.80
With Bread = 2 serving
Without = 1 serving. $1 more for garlic bread from old country
1. Chicken Fettuccini-Parmesan, romano, sun dried tomatoes 700c w/ bread 600c
2. Sausage Pomodoro-Red & white sauce, parmesan, romano 720c w/ bread 650c
3. Pesto-Parmesan, Romano, mushrooms chicken 730c w/ bread 650c
Gourmet Sandwiches $5.99
1. Veg-Parmesan, romano with 4 veggie’s (670calories)
2. Chicken Pesto-Parmesan, romano (860calories)
3. Chicken Parmesan with Romano-Sun dried tomatoes (750calories)
4. Chicken Pomodoro Sauce-Mushrooms, bell peppers (860calories)
5. Italian Sausage-Pomodoro, parmesan, romano, provolone, garlic (830calories)
6. Steak Sandwich-Parmesan & romano, onion, bell peppers (680calories)
Deserts $5.99
1. Cookies 680calories 2. Cheese Cake 670calories 3. Cinnamon Roll 690calories 4. Ice Cream 680calories
Sprite and Coke Two liter bottles
Extra Dipping Sauce $.65 Each
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